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It started with a routine, coffee was just always around a beverage I started drinking from a young age.  Always a common store brand, filtered through a drip machine and served with milk and sugar.  That is all this young Tennessee boy knew about coffee.

Life proceeded on and at 16 I found myself undisciplined, no direction in life and no real culture other than what I found in the hills.

It was in those hills where my father saved me and introduced me to the most selfless woman I had ever had the privilege of knowing.  She had uprooted her life, left her home and family on the opposite side of the country, all to come and raise me. She took me in, gave me her entire heart and offered me something I had not had before… unconditional love. I’ve called her Mom ever since.

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I still remember mornings in our home, an A-frame cabin home nestled into the side of a hill, with no neighbors in sight. The smell of coffee filled the house every morning. Always in a percolator and never filtered. It was the first time I realized that coffee could taste good. The aroma alone would jump start my brain with excitement and anticipation. It was magical, surrounded by family and love, drinking a brew that came from the earth to fill us with energy and focus. Coffee now had a different meaning and now was connected with an emotional bond, something unbreakable, a chosen love.

After two years I left for the military to become a helicopter rescue swimmer and served for 10 years in the United States Coast Guard, then eventually transitioned into a career in healthcare, all while searching for, experimenting and drinking the best coffees I could find. Eventually I realized the best way to get coffee exactly the way I wanted was to roast it myself. In July 2020 this path led to the creation of Flippin Coffee in.

So for me, coffee takes me back to those hills where I found family. Our hope is that you enjoy our coffee but maybe, just maybe, it will take you back to a special place as well.

So our promise is to be constantly innovating and ensuring we get the best flavors, from the best beans, from around the world. Never forgetting where it started and what it means to start your day with a great cup of coffee.

Features of Our Products

Our Mission

Tired of drinking acidic coffee? Trouble choosing which flavor, enzyme, or gimic to go with? Look no further. Flippin Coffee is dedicated to bringing real coffee back into the fold. Our mission… real coffee, made with real ingredients, for real coffee drinkers.

There are no additives, chemicals, artificial flavoring of any kind in Flippin Coffee. We pride ourselves on purchasing the highest quality beans made by the local farms of the region the beans are grown. We bring out the natural flavors of the bean through the roasting process, giving you a delicious and flavorful cup of coffee with each and every sip.

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